This is the ‘what I do for money’ stuff. My services break down into five main activities:

  1. Researching and authoring  technology related business articles for the mainstream and online media – 5%
  2. Creating independently voiced material for technology clients, with the focus on innovation – 55%
  3. Advising and auditing technology clients on their market focus. I specialise in the areas of accounting related packaged application software, business analytics and business integration – 20%
  4. Advising technology and professional clients on the use of new technology as a communications medium that can be integrated into marketing and marketing communications strategies – 15%
  5. Developing new business models for professional firms that focus on business differentiation and improved recovery rates – 5%

I believe in two simple realities: deliver exceptional value, on time.

What I don’t do 

  • Take on projects where I don’t believe I can deliver or where the client cannot produce what is needed to get the job done.
  • Take on clients unless there is a mutuality of intent.
  • Take on clients looking for a canned solution – there aren’t any.

What I enjoy doing

Working alongside clients that want to take a risk:

  • Who are looking to differentiate in meaningful and positive ways that reflect a desire to tap into Kindred Spirits and
  • Who are prepared to consider and even act upon a contrarian view
  • Developing partnerships and relationships – most of mine in the technology and media game stretch back 10-15 years. I still have contact with my old partners from 20 years ago.

I work on a project basis only. I do not charge by the hour but short-term engagements can be negotiated on a per day rate. Expenses are usually added at cost. In an increasing number of cases, I am making deals where there is an ‘inclusive’ element that seeks to deliver multiple benefits across time.

Engagements can be as short as a day (fees only – sorry) or as long as six-months (where there is an element of shared risk and highly attractive cash-flow opportunities.)

If you are interested in partnering on a project then feel free to contact me.Talking it through costs nothing. Ideas are extra. (Those that aren’t on this blog site that is).

I have previously worked with a broad range of companies and if you wish, I can provide technology business references. Here is a selection of businesses I have worked with: Oracle (JD Edwards and PeopleSoft), CedAr (OpenAccounts/Cedar Software), Microsoft Business Solutions, Sterling Commerce, TIBCO, CastIron Systems. Exchequer Software, Actuate, CODA, Access Accounting,OpenText, SAP.

I have worked in or around most of the UKs trade media and most of the UK technology PR corps

I have worked with, implemented or reviewed all the major current accounting software offerings in the UK.

I retain extensive technology contacts around the world, especially in both Silicon Valley and the Boston area of the US as well as the Thames Valley high tech corridor.


skypename: dahowlett

email: dahowlettATgmailDOTcom (excuse the weirdness – to stop the spammers)

landline: +34 966 494 073

cell: +34 607 482 739

skypein no: +44 207 193 2146

All call-in numbers have voicemail.


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